Reverse mentorship


Reverse mentorship

A senior person guiding a younger person is the conventional format of mentorship. It is build on the assumption that the senior mentor is experienced and can share gained insights and knowledge with a younger person.

Today, it is increasingly real event for young people to guide senior – because young people in many context have first-hand insight into the landscape. Many have grown up with new technology, social patterns, and collaborative work as natural and daily elements of life. Young people may have traveled roads that senior people haven-t, and that did not exist during there professional life.

We have elaborated a special format of reverse mentorship –young people being the mentor (or more precisely – a two-way street, intended for a same-level communication and transfer of experience).

Our format ensures not only conversations in general – it builds on a process for activating ideas and reaching a synthesis of dual perspectives.

A request:

Collaborations would be valuable and fun- we appreciate contact with people that are interested. A company or group that can help us to build our web. Any suggestions who we should talk to?

What important arguments do you see in terms of reverse mentoring?

The team behind Reverse mentorship:

  • Emil Breman
  • Mikael Johansson
  • Jan Rollof


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